Final Research Reports

The following funded research studies are now complete. Final Research Reports are listed by principal investigator. Please select the report title below for copies of the final report, study details and related publications.

Afifi, T. “The Temporal Relationship Between Faulty Gambling Cognitions and Gambling Severity in Young Adults”.

Brais, N. "Motivation and the Effects of Self-Compassion on Risk-Taking". 

Cunningham, J. "Online Interventions for Problem Gamblers with and without Co-occurring Mental Health Symptoms: RCT".

Derevenksy, J. “Play-For-Fun/Social Casino Gambling: An Examination of Our Current Knowledge”.  

Edgerton, J. "Is Online Gaming Associated with Problem Gambling and Problem Gambling Risk Factors?".

Gainsbury, S. "Customized Responsible Gambling Messaging as a Tool to Encourage Help-Seeking".

Graves, C. "Examining Possible Mediators Responsible for Differences in Individual Gambling Play Patterns".

MacLaren, V. “Behavioural Indicators and Player Characteristics of Frequent VLT Players”.

MacLaren, V. “Gambling Motives, Cognitions, and Personality of Frequent EMG Players”.

Stewart, S. “Direct and Indirect Ways of Assessing Beliefs about Gambling in the Advertising Context”.

Stewart, S. “Risk and Protective Factors of Gambling Among Young Adults: Analysis of the MLSYA Data”.

Theule, J. “Exploring the Relationships Between Problem Gambling & ADHD: A Meta-Analysis”.

Wohl, M. "Facilitating Limit Setting and Limit Adherence".

Wohl, M. “Overcoming Barriers to Seeking Help”.