A Realist Review to Elucidate the Mechanisms Linking Adverse Childhood Experiences and Couple Distress in Gambling Disorder


InvestigatorsDr. Bonnie Lee, University of Lethbridge
Dr. Gabriela Novotna, University of Regina
Dr. Rumi Graham, University of Lethbridge
Dr. Narumi Taniguchi, University of Winnipeg
Research PriorityExamine the relationship between co-occurring disorders and at-risk/problem gambling, and explore the implications for treatment. 
FundingSmall Grant  ($49,990)
Project StatusCompleted


Project Summary

We now have some robust research evidence that adverse childhood experience (ACE) is strongly associated with problem gambling and interpersonal dysfunction. However quantitative associations fall short of illuminating the mechanisms of how such linkage occurs. Realist synthesis is a new and increasingly popular method suited for synthesizing both quantitative and qualitative literature to uncover the underlying contexts and mechanisms leading to outcomes of interest in complex phenomena. This approach requires considerable expertise in the knowledge area to interpret and elucidate hidden entities and chains of processes that connect, in this case, ACE with couple distress and gambling disorder. The result will be a more precise and refined explanatory model to delineate the mechanisms of how ACE leads to couple dysfunction and gambling disorder and its comorbidities. Such findings will have considerable import in theory development, treatment and prevention applications in the field of problem gambling.

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