Access to VLT Gambling and Gambling Behaviour


InvestigatorDr. Umut Oguzoglu, University of Manitoba
Research PriorityInvestigate how economic, cultural/social, or jurisdictional factors influence gambling behaviour and what the implication may be for preventing and/or reducing gambling-related harm.
FundingSmall Grant  ($23,256)
Project StatusCompleted


Project Summary

This project investigates to what extent the prevalence of gambling and gambling problems in a community is associated with availability of Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) sites in or nearby communities. Survey data from the Canadian Community Health Survey will be matched with administrative data on location of VLT sites, number of VLT machines, revenue and cost per site, in order to examine the role of VLT accessibility in contributing to the likelihood of individual’s gambling and reporting gambling problems. The project will also look at distance to VLT sites as a determinant factor by using spatial statistics techniques. 

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