Online Interventions for Problem Gamblers with and without Co-occurring Mental Health Concerns: Randomized Controlled Trial


InvestigatorsDr. Christian Hendershot, University of Toronto
Dr. John Cunningham, Australian National University
Dr. Corey Mackenzie, University of Manitoba
Research PriorityExamine which treatment modalities and approaches offer the most potential for effectively addressing problem gambling.
FundingLarge Grant  ($450,000)
Project StatusCompleted


Project Summary

Comorbidity between problem gambling and mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression is common. Further, the treatment needs of people with co-occurring gambling and mental health concerns may be different from those of problem gamblers who do not have a co-occurring mental health concern. The current project will evaluate whether there is a benefit to providing access to mental health Internet interventions in addition to an Internet intervention for problem gambling in participants with gambling problems who do or do not have co-occurring mental health concerns. The product of this trial will be a website that can be accessed free-of-charge by problem gamblers in Manitoba as well as internationally.  



Cunningham et al. (2016). Online interventions for problem gamblers with and
        without co-occurring mental health symptoms: Protocol for a randomized
        controlled trial. BMC Public Health (16). doi:10.1186/s12889-016-3291-7

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