Research Funded in 2012



InvestigatorsTitleSponsoring OrganizationFunding
Sherry Stewart, Ph.D.
Michael Ellery, Ph.D.
Abby Goldstein, Ph.D.
Gambling to Relax and Gambling to Forget: Questionnaire and Daily Diary Studies of Subtypes of Coping Motives for GamblingDalhousie UniversityLarge Grant$450,000
Jeffrey Derevensky, Ph.D.
Rina Gupta, Ph.D.
Michael Ellery, Ph.D.
Play-For-Fun/Social-Casino Gambling: An  Examination of our Current KnowledgeMcGill UniversitySmall Grant$20,000
Michael Ellery, Ph.D.
Bo Bernhard, Ph.D.
Cognitive and Personality Characteristics of Professional Poker PlayersUniversity of ManitobaSmall Grant$50,000
Michael Ellery, Ph.D.
Vance MacLaren, Ph.D.
Gambling Motives, Cognitions and Personality of Frequent VLT PlayersUniversity of ManitobaSmall Grant$49,986
Sherry Stewart, Ph.D.
Sunghwan Yi, Ph.D.
Michael Ellery, Ph.D.
Direct and Indirect Ways of Assessing Beliefs About Gambling in the Advertising ContextDalhousie UniversitySmall Grant$49,980
Chad GravesProblem Gambling: The Mediating Role of Impulsivity and Cognitive BiasUniversity of ManitobaStudentship$15,000
Damien DowdA Longitudinal Investigation of the Problem Gambling Pathways Model with an Undergraduate Student PopulationUniversity of ManitobaStudentship$60,000
Michael Ellery, Ph.D.National Center for Responsible Gaming Conference on Gambling and Addiction
September 30-October 2, 2012
University of ManitobaConference Grant$1,966
Michael Ellery, Ph.D.First Asia Pacific Conference on Gambling & Commercial Gaming Research
November 5-8, 2012
University of ManitobaConference Grant$2,000
Jason Edgerton, Ph.D.
Lance Roberts, Ph.D.
Longitudinal Analyses of the Prevalence, Course, and Comorbidity of Problem Gambling in Young AdultsUniversity of ManitobaFocused Research$64,577
Sherry Stewart, Ph.D.
Sean Mackinnon, Ph.D.
Risk and Protective Factors of Gambling among Young Adults: Analysis of the Manitoba Longitudinal Study of Young Adults (MLSYA) DataDalhousie UniversityFocused Research